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Documentary style imagery

Movement inspired. vibrant. feel-good. honest. soulful.

Creative, natural photos that look like you.

So, what do you shoot?

Well....I shoot weddings, portraits, lifestyle images, fashion and I work with brands for their social media campaigns and fashion lookbooks. I like the variety and I think it makes me a better photographer. I do some documentary work too. My goal is to provide inspiring, high-quality, lasting images and unique products to anyone who works with me. I aim to create an environment that is both creative and comfortable.

Real, candid, raw moments.

My photography style is to come in and let things happen naturally. Everything I shoot, whether it’s a wedding or portraits revolves around this. I think my love for candid moments and raw emotion comes out in most all my work. I shoot only with natural light and I am not a fan of stiff poses. I’m not a fan of trendy editing styles either. I am a big fan of movement, the perfectly imperfect, and all the in-between moments. I call this all the “feel-good” stuff… the intangible elements that make you feel something when looking at an image.